D. P. Solutions, Inc.

12444 Matteson Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Voice: (310) 390 6096
Fax: (310) 390 0319

Last Update: April 16, 1998

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D.P. Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1988 to provide high quality, reasonably priced consulting services. Co-founders Geoffrey Smith and Fran Page both specialize in large-scale database design and architecture with a major focus on the large IBM mainframe environment. Fran and Geoff continue to be active consultants on staff.

With experience in many data processing disciplines and tools the company has grown into a leading provider of ADABAS and NATURAL consulting. Most recently, we added YEAR 2000 project management experience to our skills inventory.

We are proud to announce the recent addition of Mr. Dieter W. Storr to our management and consultant staff. Dieter's wealth of experience in the tuning and performance of ADABAS and NATURAL adds a superior knowledge base for all our consultants and clients to draw upon. He is currently working with the DBA staff at the Los Angeles Times, helping prepare for the new millennium.

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D.P. Solutions, Inc.

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D.P. Solutions, Inc.