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Dan Sanders was raised in rural Oregon in a family of ten. An early interest was theater: he holds an MFA in Drama from the University of California-Irvine. Faced with new parenthood and a California mortgage, he turned increasingly from acting to writing in the late eighties. By the late nineties Sanders had done extensive writing and development work for PBS Scientific American Frontiers, The American President, Intimate Strangers, and BBC series such as Masterpiece Theater: The American Collection, an offshoot of that legendary series focusing on American authors like Willa Cather, Langston Hughes, Eudora Welty, and Henry James which premiered in 2000. Writing for the PBS series The American President, he interviewed notables such as Colin Powell and James Baker. Sanders has written for newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and magazines like Teaching Theatre. His stage play Cyber has been produced throughout the United States. He is currently writing a novel set in the early days of rock-and-roll radio. Happily married for a dozen years to his wife Emily, the Sanders live in Santa Monica, California with their son, Joe.

Dan Sanders and Storr Consulting are business partners since 2003.

Send to Dan Sanders, shake33@aol.com