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Process Modeling With ARIS

A Practical Introduction

Heinrich Seidlmeier

Translated by Dieter W. Storr

WHAT IS ARIS -- (ARchitecture Integrated Information System)?

Along with its ARIS Process Platform extensions, ARIS Toolset of IDS Scheer AG is the leading modeling tool worldwide for the management of business processes. The market-leading status of this powerful, versatile program has been confirmed by a variety of independent tests. More than 40,000 ARIS licenses sold worldwide are convincing proof of the product's quality and efficacy. To the best of my knowledge, approximately fifty German universities are currently using ARIS software. About forty universities in the United States and Japan utilize it as well.


The primary purpose of PROCESS MODELING WITH ARIS is to provide a basic introduction to the ARIS concept and its corresponding modeling software, ARIS Toolset. However, this textbook has much to offer both novice and advanced ARIS users. For the beginner, it provides a basic course in the program; advanced users will find many useful and valuable hints. The book complements existing training as well as self-study.

In PROCESS MODELING WITH ARIS, the reader learns the basics of process organization as well as the roles and effects of computers in commercial enterprises. Next, the ARIS methodologies are explained. Finally, the essential ARIS concept of "views" -- organization, function, data and process -- are explored, and the most common models for each are introduced.


PROCESS MODELING WITH ARIS offers users a wide array of practical modeling examples, exercises, and solutions. The most important ARIS models are treated in a clear, easy to understand manner; the reader will quickly grasp the dynamic capabilities of the ARIS model evaluation. The Toolset supports the process optimization for ARIS abilities with far greater detail than simple drawing tools. The book also explores the topic database and user administration. A real-life case study from an actual business enterprise helps the reader acquire the fullest possible knowledge of ARIS.

Process modeling and process optimization alone are not enough to maximize processes' efficiency and effectiveness. PROCESS MODELING WITH ARIS also shows how to apply two essential software technologies that will wonderfully support business re-engineering. Document and workflow management systems are ideal for converting theoretical processes into existing applications.


Dr. Heinrich Seidlmeier, professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim in Germany, has extensive ARIS experience in teaching, research, and practical applications. Professor Seidlmeier's PROCESS MODELING WITH ARIS was recently translated into English by Dieter W. Storr, who works as an IT Specialist in Santa Monica, California.

ISBN 3-528-05877-3
List Price $49.95 US

    Contents of the Textbook
  • Short Summary Process Organization
  • Possibilities of Computer Usage
  • Process Optimization with ARIS Toolset
  • System Administration
  • Case Study: The Freight-Forwarding Agency
  • Modeling Applications: Document and Workflow Management
  • Tool-Supported Project Execution
  • Exercises and Solutions

More than 100 professors recently selected this book as the standard textbook for business process modeling of computer science in economics.
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