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What it Means to be a DBA - Best Practices

By Dieter W. Storr

Last update: 1 September 2006

This presentation will discuss and evaluate the tasks of a DBA and how to position it from my experience in many European and US companies, for example
  • Help to determine the database design
    - Hardware level
    - Application design level
  • Determine the ADABAS parameters
  • Help to determine the transaction design
  • Coordinate the online and batch processes
  • Develop back-up and recovery procedures
  • Ensure (force) quality assurance and quality control
  • Performance Management: Performance and Tuning
  • Educate and train staff members
  • Help to determine data security
  • Help to determine standard routines and help functions
  • Maintain and optimize the database system
  • Ideal DBA profile -- technically and personally
  • Future requirements
  • Position and salary of the DBA in the enterprise

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