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Version 3.3.e

Last update: 12 May 2004

NAT-PAD -- Change Management for NATURAL and PREDICT -- located on the mainframe.
Controlling the migration of NATURAL objects between environments presents numerous challenges. Tracking the current location of a program, avoiding program overwrites, verifying that program changes are made, changing all related objects, archiving and recovery, maintaining complete audit trails. Manual change management can be time-consuming, which tends to lead to errors.

Provides Administration and Documentation

  • Maintains audit trails
  • Provides data security
  • Controls access
  • AUTOMATIC Archiving


    • Copies NATURAL source
    • From development into transition library
    • From transition into other development or production libraries
    • Catalogs the sources in other development or production libraries
    • Archives the former version before moving new objects into production
    • Browses in archive and copies source into development
    • Browses in production and copies source into development
    • Supoorts several search functions
    • Copies error messages from test into production and vice versa
    • Copies PREDICT objects from test into production and vice versa
    • Performs validation checks of all functions against NATURAL Security or equivalent facilities
    • Connects to MVS job entry systems (JESx)
    • Uses Entire System Server (if available)
    • Uses NATURAL user exits eliminating problems with new release changes
    • NATURAL Change Management
    • NATURAL Program Administration and Documentation
    • NATURAL Application Control


    • Fully documented and tested
    • Reasonable costs
    • Designed by one of the leading experts in the SAG arena
    • Protects the investment in organizations' applications
    • Automatic cataloging of minimizes production problems
    • Batch or online
    • A well proven solution
    • Audit trails and reports
    • Flexible
    System Requirements
    NAT-PAD operates under OS/390, MVS, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, z/OS, DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, and BS2000. NATURAL Security and PREDICT are optional.

    Documentation Version 3.3.e

    Download a trial version

    • Will be available very soon