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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Model-driven Architecture (MDA)

Last update: 18 June 2007

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    June 2007 International User Group Conferences -- June 11-15, 2007 -- ZDF Mainz, Germany
    Very Large Database Management SIG Conference
    Crossvision User Group Conference
    Very Large Natural SIG Conference
    EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference
    Apr 2007 SOA and ESB
    Presentation from Dieter W. Storr
    Why is EAI no longer hip? Is SOA better? Why is the hub-and-spoke architecture out and ESB in? Can SOA and ESB prevent the spaghetti-like service-oriented architecture?
    Apr 2007 Natural Engineer - Refactoring
    Presentation from Tom Philpott, GSL
    To implement a service-oriented architecture, monolithic applications have to separate the business logic from the user input/output. Natural Engineer for Refactoring provides a set of tools that automates the tasks to prepare and split-off the business logic.
    Apr 2007 From Legacy to SOA - Crossvision
    Presentation from Shan McMillan, SAG
    This presentation is educational in nature and includes a ‘how to’ approach along with a demo showing results. The products included are Adabas, Natural, and Crossvision.
    Oct 2006 Building New SOA and AJAX-Based Business Applications
    Presentation from by Mark Barnard, Software AG Canada
    Oct 2006 When Legacy Meets SOA: Properly Migrating Natural Applications to SOA
    Presentation by Pasquale Iocola and Kenneth Maxwell, Commonwealth of Massachusetts