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The Founder

For nearly three decades, DIETER W. STORR has worked in the United States and Europe as an Information Technology specialist for the performance and tuning of databases and mainframe operating systems. His has worked with most of Software AG’s products such as ADABAS, Natural, Com-plete, Predict and EntireX and helped improve his clients’ disaster recovery procedures. Storr has taught subjects such as information technology, performance and tuning, and data modeling. His programming experience includes Assembler, PL/1, COBOL, Natural as well as Basic, Pascal, JavaScript, Java and .NET.

Storr has developed software for change management, backup and recovery, database performance monitoring, logical DB-distribution, and stress testing from the browser to the back-end mainframe - including open-system middleware. Other endeavors include analyzing and designing various architectures to bring mainframe data to the Web, designing and creating Web pages, and overseeing the design and implementation of a security concept for the Swiss Government. Most recently, he supervises a project to replicate mass Adabas data from the mainframe to Adabas on Windows.

Among Storr's writing credits are various magazines articles, the book "Efficient Usage of ADABAS," and the English translation of Heinrich Seidlmaier's textbook "Process Modeling with ARIS." Recently, he published the English book "Efficient Usage of Adabas Replication". Storr joined D.P. Solutions, Inc, and formed his own company, Storr Consulting, Inc.

Since 2012, Storr is teaching English and art in China and Mexico.