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The Largest ADABAS Database

By Dieter W. Storr

Last update: 11 May 2004

"The largest known ADABAS database contains more than 160 terabytes of data. The highest known number of parallel users of an ADABAS database is 35,000 at peak times. Some of our customers employ ADABAS to handle more than 5,000 transactions per second. That is 18 million transactions per hour."

The presentation revolved around a large banking group in Europe. The system was built on two 2800 Z-Series 900 IBM mainframes with 16 processors each. 3 processors were dedicated to the Coupling Facility and the rest (16 + 13) for ADABAS. The benchmarks were done in IBM's test lab. IBM tried to duplicate this throughput and failed to create a DB2 database of this magnitude, thus no performance figures were obtained for DB2.

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