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Last update: 20 November 2010

A collection of some interesting SAG-L discussions and own experiences
Date Description -- click on the date to view
Nov 2010 Experiences with Adabas 8.2.2
Jim Poole explains in this PowerPoint presentation 44 hot topics - everything what your inquiring mind wants to know - and even more.
June 2010 Upgrade from Adabas 7.4.4 to 8.1.3
Presentation at the International User Group Confernce in Prague, June 21, 2010, by Dieter Storr
Should I also use DSREUSE=NO, when I defined ISNREUSE=YES?
June 2007 ADABAS Parallel Services
By Rainer Herrmann, Techical Marketing Manager, Software AG, from June 2007
This article (pdf file) will discuss the following topics: history, objectives of parallel services, architecture, database block operations, block updates without locking, transaction and restart, recovery, conclusion.
June 2007 International User Group Conferences -- June 11-15, 2007 -- ZDF Mainz, Germany
Very Large Database Management SIG Conference
Crossvision User Group Conference
Very Large Natural SIG Conference
EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference
Feb 2007 ADABAS Fields in FDT
Should the field position in the format buffer or in the DDM be the same as the field position in the FDT?
Feb 2007 ADABAS Nucleus Structure
Based on versions 6 and 7
Jan 2007 ADASEL - Select Protection Log Records
Examples show how to select and print changed Natural source code.
Dec 2006 Compression Rates - ADABAS, DB2 Viper, Oracle, and MS SQL Server
Different databases compress their records in different ways and with different success. See which one takes the lead.
Nov 2006 Phonetic Descriptors
Standard/default and user-defined phonetization as well as two Natural examples.
Includes assembler and Natural code.
Oct 2006 Natural Conference 2006, Philadelphia
Most presentations
Oct 2006 The entire ADABAS documentation
Sep 2006 Experiences With ADABAS Version 8.1.1 Test
Still under development -- received L002 tape
Aug 2006 Router/SVC Installation
How to install different SVCs.
Jul 2006 User-Defined Block Sizes
How to Add New Devices in ADABAS Version 8.1.1
Jul 2006 Experiences With ADABAS Version 8.1.0 Beta Test
Tests stopped because ADA811 was released
Jul 2006 Performance With ADASAV
Article from Rainer Herrmann, Software AG Germany
Jul 2006 VTS Abend A78-18 ~ ADASAV With BUFNO
ADASAV sporadically abends at the end of the back-up job with A78-18. This document shows possible solutions as well as Software AG and IBM responses.
I want to increase the ISN from 3 bytes to 4 bytes on 1 file because I expect more than 16.7 million records. Do I also have to increase the RABNSIZE for the entire database?
Dec 2005 ADAORD Performance Issues
Reorder File vs. Restructure File and Store
Aug 2005 ADABAS Roundtable at the Natural Conference August 24, 2005
Several issues were discussed. Please read the topics.
July 2005 ADARUN Parameters
Parameters, description, parameter influence, response code, subcode, effect, etc.
May 2005 ADABAS Multi/Prefetch for Batch Job Performance
In an ADA742 and NAT413 Environment
Originally by Jim Poole -- updated and enhanced by Dieter W. Storr
What it is, guidelines, setting up multifetch, detail information for first time users.
What is better?
Aug 2004 Experiences With ADABAS Upgrade from 6.2.2 to 7.4.2
Convertion report, output of ADACNV, DDPRINT of ADA742 nucleus
Still under development
May 2004 ADABAS vs. Oracle
Jun 2004 ADABAS vs. DB2
An Evaluative Study by Butler Bloor Group from May 27, 1995
And remarks to the PowerPoint presentation
May 2004 Fast Copies of ADABAS Data, ADA74
How does fast copy work (FlashCopy, SnapShot, TimeFinder)? Does ADABAS support fast copy? New ADA74 ADADBS functions (TRANSACTIONS, SUSPEND, TRESUME, etc.)
Jun 2004 ADABAS Roundtable at the Natural Conference May 25, 2004
Several issues were discussed. Please read the topics.
May 2004 Inserting Fields into an Existing File
Different possibilities.
May 2004 The Largest ADABAS Database
contains more than 160 terabytes of data...
Jun 2004 Delete Table Entries
Three ADABAS entries must be deleted before restart abended back-up jobs (ADASAV).
Jun 2004 Purge User Queue Elements (UQE) Programatically
This program creates modify commands to purge inactive and active UQE to prevent ADABAS RC 48
May 2004 ADABAS 7.4 Supports PAV
What are PAV's.
May 2004 ADABAS and the Workload Manager (WLM)
The WLM was discussed on SAG-L and at the ADABAS Roundtable during the Natural Conference May 25, 2004. SAG also discussed this topic on ServLine24.
Jun 2004 Converting non-unique superdescriptors into unique superdescriptors
Does ADACMP DECOMPRESS discover non-unique index entries?
1998 The Adabas Buffer Pool Manager
Proceedings of the 24th VLDB Conference New York, USA, 1998 by Harald Schoening, SAG Darmstadt
Architecture, page access synchronization, saving changes to disk, buffer replacement handling, prefetching, etc.