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ADABAS Roundtable Discussion

Natural Conference August 24, 2005

By Dieter Storr

Last update: 29 August 2005

Jim Poole, EDS
Becky Albin, System Architect
Bruce Beaman, Director, Adabas Product Marketing

We discussed the following topics:

  • PPT must be cleared after crash
    Use PPT clear utility

  • Performance Zap for ADA742 and ADA743 (dirty reads S/J - RC 175)
    Depends on the way the programs are written, you will see a CPU overhead up to 30%. Programs using short DDMs (less fields) are the loser because ADA74 decompresses in many cases the entire fields of the file. And this is necessary to do the integrity check and to avoid response code 175. ADA71 never had this integrity check.
    Under V74 on an L3 (READ LOGICAL), the value in the index is checked against the value in data storage. If they do not match, a RC 175 is returned.
    SAG supports ZAPs to install the logic of ADA71. But customers who applied this ZAP experienced other problems, for example NAT0776. SAG: "...is still under investigation with the customer."
    This was also discussed during Jim Poole's performance class on Sunday "ADABAS Tips, Guts, Performance.
    Please see Jim's comment on SAG-L from 29 Aug 2005'

  • DE delete and ADAICK

  • Checkpoint file corrupted, ADAREP ended with RC 177, duplicate ISN
    ERROR-131, ISN found in DS-Record is greater or equal to the first unused ISN in the file
    ERROR-129, Wrong value for fist unused ISN found in FCB
    ERROR-126, Duplicate ISN in Checkpoint File
    SAG: still under investigation
    This happened since ADABAS version 6

  • RC 175 before and after refreshing a file

  • Include UserID, time stamp, not as planned in ADA81, now ADA82

  • No longer maintenance on expanded files

  • Users want DDMs for UQE, CQ, etc.

  • Pre-defined and user defined blocksizes
    LA Times reported about a process to determine/compute the best blocksize for ASSO and DATA. They are using 'user defined blocksize' DEVICE=9990. ASSO blocklength = 3768, DATA block length = 7548.

  • Referential Integrity
    For ADABAS on the mainframe, referential integrity is under investigation, maybe early 2007?

  • Forward Index Compression
    To make FIC as standard or as default can be a problem for existing companies that don't want to convert.

  • More than two PLOGs (NPLOG max. 8)
    Some companies write faster to two PLOGs than they can copy both. It is also mainly used in parallel services.

  • Add a new field in SYSAOS
    It can be done without locking the file

  • IT Governance for Compliance
    SAG offered a new presentation for the SAGGROUP meetings. Compliance with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, and BASEL II often requires substantial company-wide effort. However a greater burden typically falls on IT because the flows of auditable transactions and information go through the applications & support systems IT manages.

  • Soft Coupling

  • Multifetch Online

  • Dynamic Buffer Allocation

  • ADABAS Dynamic Caching (ADACSH) vs. Huge Buffer Pools (LBP)

  • SQL Gateway

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