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Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Last update: 30 April 2004

Conversion from NATURAL 217 to NATURAL 22x

So... you want to convert from NAT217 to NAT22x... please follow these steps for a smooth conversion.

Before you begin your conversion, review the NAT22 Planning Guide (manual NAT-220-005), the NAT222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227 and 228 Release Notes, and the Supplemental Release Notes (US) (manual NAT-224-009). These documents contain important information on NATURAL features, documentation corrections/changes, and early-warnings (when applicable).

Information in the Release Notes is NOT duplicated from one SM-level to the next, so it is recommended that these notes be considered as a single document, readily accessable to those installing and maintaining NATURAL.

  1. Creation of new FNAT and FUSER files.
    The FDT for the NATURAL system file has changed in NAT22, and will affect your choice of files in the new environment as follows:
  2. When running the INPL of the NAT22 FNAT file be sure to explicitly specify your FNAT and FUSER file assignments. This is important because the INPL process will load objects to library SYSTEM on FUSER, as well to SYSTEM on FNAT.
  3. Migrating Objects from a NAT21 FUSER to a NAT22 FUSER:
  4. If you have user-supplied error messages, migrate these error messages via SYSMAIN, or with the SYSERR unload and load facilities ERRULDUS and ERRLODUS.
  5. Continue with your NATURAL Installation per the Operations Manual.

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