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Last update: 20 September 2008

A collection of some interesting SAG-L discussions and own experiences
Date Description -- click on the date to view
Sep 2008 Display the Adabas record buffer length - TEST DBUG or ZZLIST
How can I determine the record buffer length of an Adabas record?
Mar 2008 SYSOBJH - NAT423
Examples how to unload and load objects in a mixed environment (Mainframe/Windows/Unix).
Jul 2007 SYSOBJH
This PowerPoint presentation from Jim Bando introduces the Natural Object Handler. The basic topics are mainly based on Natural 4.2 and ADABAS 8.1.
Jul 2007 Natural 4 Enhancements Variables
James Bando, Advisory Systems Engineer of Software AG, introduced on July 24, 2007 in a Web seminar new Natural 4 variables, for example sizes, dynamic variables, system variables, extensible arrays, longer constants, etc.
Jul 2007 How to Eliminate Blanks Between Words in a String
Solutions show different ways by using two EXAMINEs, three EXAMINEs, SEPARATE and COMPRESS. It also shows test results from online and batch as well as from the PC.
See also Steve Robinson's warning EXAMINE of an array.
June 2007 International User Group Conferences -- June 11-15, 2007 -- ZDF Mainz, Germany
Very Large Database Management SIG Conference
Crossvision User Group Conference
Very Large Natural SIG Conference
EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference
Jan 2007 Load Natural Source in Batch
Example JCL how to load Natural sources (SYSTRANS, NATLOAD, EDT)
Nov 2006 Example program how to validate the Social Security Number (SSN)
Oct 2006 Natural Conference 2006, Philadelphia
Most presentations
Oct 2006 The entire NATURAL documentation
Jun 2006 Example of an Error Routine
Using *ERROR-TA, USR0020N (error text), and USR2010N (database error information)
May 2006 How to Use SYSTRANS
Load Source From a PC to the Mainframe ~ Problems, Solutions, JCL
Aug 2005 Compare two Natural sources / NATUNLD and ISRSUPC
JCL example
Aug 2005 Natural Conference 2005
Presentations and minutes from roundtable discussions as well as pictures
Jun 2005 How to Compute Date Variables
Examples with *DATX and *DATN, as well as formats A8, N8, D, and (EM=YYYYMMDD)
May 2005 NAT3199 - Inconsistency in the Inverted List
Also Adabas response code 199
May 2005 USR* APIs (Exits), TP-specific Functions, and Others
Example Libraries For NAT413
SYSEXPGR: Example Programs for Programming Guide
SYSEXRM: Example Programs for Statements Documentation
SYSEXV: Example Programs for New Versions
SYSEXT: Examples of Application Interfaces (USR0010N-USR6002N)
SYSEXTP: Examples of TP-specific Functions (ASYNBAT-WTO)
May 2005 Numeric Variables & Computation Statements
Tested in a NAT413 environment -- similar results under NAT232
Tips from Jim Wisdom -- updated and enhanced by Dieter W. Storr
What are people's experiences with regards efficiency when comparing the use of Integer and Packed format variables as counters, indices, or other such fields?
May 2005 ADABAS Multi/Prefetch for Batch Job Performance
In an ADA742 and NAT413 Environment
Originally by Jim Poole -- updated and enhanced by Dieter W. Storr
What it is, guidelines, setting up multifetch, detail information for first time users.
May 2005 CATALOG Errors Under NAT413
When cataloged >10,000 objects under NAT413, I received several error codes, which are not only related to NAT413. It shows the error code, the description, results from NAT232 and NAT413, as well as possible solutions.
Apr 2005 Different Password Change Intervall Under NSC413
Natural Security 4.1.3 is behaving differently, with regard to the password change interval, compared to Natural Security 2.3.2.
Apr 2005 Problem With Motorola Paging Under NAT413 And COM631
It seems that COM631/NAT413 enlarges the header of the text message.
Solution with PRINTER (1) and (2) as well as CCONTROL
Apr 2004 Problem With ET Data Under NAT413
Write and read ET data.
Natural Security handles the ETID for batch programs differently, compared with NAT232.
Mar 2004 CATALL Under NAT413
How to get only the error list.
It is very difficult to find 10 errors in a CATALL list with more than 10,000 objects, for example.
Mar 2004 NAT1512 Under NAT413
WRITE FILE With Record Fomat VB
I experienced differences during parallel tests between production (NAT232) and development (NAT413) jobs, which are writing work files with record format VB.
Dec 2004 Experiences with Natural Upgrade
From Version 2.3.2 to 4.1.3 in a COM621 Environment
The following items will be included: Migration from NAT232 to NAT413, AOS installation problems, APAS/INSIGHT installation, CATALL problems, as well as runtime errors, document with structure of modules(updated: 27 April 2005). See also Predict upgrade from 3.4.2 to 4.3 2.
Oct 2004 Natural Productivity Package
Installation experience with Natural 6.1 and Adabas 3.3
Apr 2004 Is NATURAL Version 4.1.2 Stable?
Apr 2004 Printing Hexadecimal
Is there a Natural statement that will convert the hex representation of a string to the string itself?
Apr 2004 Initialize Internal Tables
Apr 2004 Superdescriptor and The Last Record
Apr 2004 Dividing -- "Arithmetic Curiosity"
Apr 2004 Move Edit and Edit Mask
Invalid date in input edit mask
Apr 2004 Automated Restart With ET Data
Apr 2004 Control Variable
Apr 2004 NAT009
Response Code 9, background, analysis, solutions
Apr 2004 NAT3021
Response Code 21
Several batch examples.
Apr 2004 Conversion from NATURAL 217 to NATURAL 22x
Apr 2004 Update Many Descriptor Values
Poor response time.
Apr 2004 CATALL Error Messages
With NAT228 and their solutions
Apr 2004 NAT3055 Attempted format/length conversion not possible.
Apr 2004 Colors in the NATURAL Program Editor
Apr 2004 Pause/Wait in NATURAL programs
Apr 2004 Save PF-Keys
Apr 2004 CONVERT N7 NUMERIC TO text string
Apr 2004 NAT3044
Response code 44 during update.
Apr 2004 What are AIV's?
Apr 2004 Natural passing array indices to Helproutine
Apr 2004 GDA, LDA, or AIV?
Apr 2004 Setting "modified data tag" on Natural control variable
Apr 2004 How to send e-mails from Natural program
Apr 2004 NATURAL Buffer Pool Flush
Apr 2004 Process, Map, Rule, and Data Object Selection
When should I use what? Includes graphics from WH&O Books.
Jun 2004 Natural Performance
The worst offenders -- EXAMINE, READ WORK FILE, PERFORM
See also EXAMINE of a string.
Apr 2004 Windows-like Programming On The Mainframe
How can I program a moving status bar on a 3270 screen?
Jun 2004 NAT0954: Dump Utility Usage in Batch
Running a NATURAL program in batch and receiving a NAT0954?
Dump statements and the output of a dump
Jul 2004 Natural Guidelines for Version 2
Jul 2004 Natural Essentials
A self-study course by Stephen Paul Simpson from January 1999
Last updated version 2.10 from January 22, 2000