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Last update: 30 April 2004

NAT3021 - Response Code 21


About a month ago I poseted a request for help on a 3021 error as well. I got a lot of 'try this' and possible reasons but nothing that I could point our systems people (we have no full time DBA) toward. We finally called SAG and they suggested an increase in a parameter on Adabas, I believe it was TNAE, from 30 minutes to about 1 hour. We tried this and the occurrences of 3021's went down from 10-12 a day to 1 or 2 on some days with none on most days. Due to the continued problem we just only yesterday increased the parameter's time to 1 1/2 hours. Really though, I'm an applications programmer with no previous Adabas systems type experience and our systems guys are trying to learn on the job due to the recent departure of our former guru. I hesitate to ask that this parm be increased as high as it is now or any more in the future if the 3021's keep happening. We have zeroed in on Construct (v 3.3.2) browse-select programs as being the programs that the error is saying was in control at the time of the error. We would welcome anyone with other ideas of possible solutions.


It sounds like it could be as simple as users sitting on a browse screen and leaving their terminal. Then, upon return, continuing the browse after their user queue has timed out, thus receiving a 3021. I have had the same occurrence. This may explain the reduction of the problem as you increase TNAE (less users waiting that long). It may possible to code around this (on certain browses) by restarting the browse during each page down, but it may not be practical. However, all the previous suggestions may also play a part.
  1. If these are being received online and you're doing something like a READ LOGICAL and it's active in say, a scrolling screen--
  2. If it's in batch then the most likely cause is that it's awaiting a resource of some kind, most likely a tape mount. If this is the case then you can either rattle Operations' cage (if you choose to do this do it gently--they can react in really weird ways) or open the tape first (READ WORK or whatever) and then get into the logical read process.

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