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Last update: 25 July 2007

NAT0954: Dump Utility Usage in Batch

Running a NATURAL program in batch and receiving a NAT0954?

The following will produce a 6 to 7 page document that contains pertinent dump information. After calling and opening a log, this information can be be faxed to the Customer Support Center for the support rep to review.

LOGON SAPAC (logon to library as normal)
PGMS0C7     (execute the program that gets NAT0954)
%F          (must be in forms mode)
DUMP PSW    (invoke Natural's Dump utility and position to PSW)
BB          (position to BB)
R=*         (make offsets relative to BB to easily find BB info)
%K8         (page forward in BB)
%K8         (page forward again in BB)
IOB         (position to IOCB)
R=*         (make offsets relative to IOCB to easily find IOCB info)
%K8         (page forward in IOCB)
%K8         (page forward again in IOCB)
IOB+500     (position to another important screen in IOCB)
%K3         (exit the DUMP utility)
FIN         (FIN out of Natural)

Example of output: please click here.

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