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Last update: 12 October 2004

Natural Productivity Package

Installation Experience

The CD "Personal Edition" contains:

Here is the report of a user, which received the Natural Productivity Package -- Personal Edition -- at the last Pacific Southwestern User Group Conference.

When I installed the CD, I have encountered a couple of problems.

After fighting with the Data Base Workbench (DBW) to create a new DB, and searching thru the help, I did manage to finally create a DB successfully. The DBW build DB screen, I think, needs some major improvements, and I will be happy to share with whomever the developers are my problem, ideas and suggestions. Now the funny part since I was able to successful create a DB, I am not able to start it as I get the following erros, from the parms built by the create DB process:

Reading configuration data from
C:\Program Files\Software AG\Adabas\db227\DB227.INI

%ADANUC-I-STARTED,      11-OCT-2004 12:54:38, Version (Windows)
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of BI=
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of DBID=227
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LAB=819200
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LBP=16M
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LP=200
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LPXA=10
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LS=10000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LWP=100000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of MGC=50
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NC=20
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NH=150
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NISNHQ=100
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NT=2
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NU=20
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of PLOG=
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAA=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAE=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAX=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TT=3000

%ADANUC-W-NTLIC, Parameter NT restricted by licensing, original NT=2, now
%ADANUC-W-NULIC, Parameter NU restricted by licensing, original NU=20, now
%ADANUC-F-PLOGLIC, Parameter PLOG not allowed by licensing
%ADANUC-I-ABORTED,      11-OCT-2004 12:54:38, elapsed time: 00:00:00

I am puzzled why a package provided as a compliment to me, would not be configured in such a way that it would generate a valid set of ADANUC parms that would work?

End of his report


This turns off the PLOG, cause it is not allowed in this evaluation copy of the NPP.
That will solve the problem.
Other nucleus parameters can be adjusted as well thru the same basic procedure.

Other issues not solved right now

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