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Last update: 30 June 2004

Using Websphere MQ Adapter under Broker Services

Question from Dick McCarthy:

Is anyone using Websphere MQ adapter under Broker Services? I'm having trouble getting it to work. Here's what I have done so far.

  • Defined local MQ request and reply queues
  • Linked Broker services modules with MQ batch adapter
  • Created PDS member SERVERX specifying directory entries for the MQI protocol. The dataset name containing this member is specified in Broker Services parm APISERV.
  • MQ LOADLIB's were added to the Broker Services STEPLIB JCL.
  • I'm testing the configuration using Natural programs for the client and the server. The client will LOGON to the server, SERVERX, SEND a message, then WAIT for a response.
  • I start the server program manually. It logs on to the server SERVERX, issues a RECEIVE, then a REPLY once it receives a message.
The problem I'm having occurs right after the LOGON for both the client and the server. I'm getting an error
ERROR-CODE  =  00200183                        


I did not think I had to specify CLASS or SERVICE. I thought by specifying server name as SERVERX, the PDS member would be read and the directory information would be used to map the Broker calls to MQ calls. This is not happening and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

EXX711 patch 45

Answer from Wayne Campos:

Turn on Broker Trace and check to see the values of CLASS/SERVER/SERVICE when you receive the 00200183. The CLASS/SERVER/SERVICE needs to be defined unless it is an EntireX internal service.

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