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Last update: 21 September 2008

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Sep 2008 EntireX Troubleshooting - Time Out
In a constellation .NET / Net-work / EntireX Broker / EntireX RPC Server / the Server terminates with
02150254 NET: Connection error subcode 30C00003
Sep 2008 EntireX RPC Server - Truncated Parameter List
How to prevent that the paramter list of the RPC statements will be truncated?
Sep 2008 EntireX RPC Server - JCL for TCP/IP
How do the JCL and the parameters look like if you are using TCP/IP instead of the SVC?
Sep 2008 EntireX RPC Server - Terminate
Problem to terminate the RPC Server gracefully.
June 2007 International User Group Conferences -- June 11-15, 2007 -- ZDF Mainz, Germany
Very Large Database Management SIG Conference
Crossvision User Group Conference
Very Large Natural SIG Conference
EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference
Oct 2006 Natural Conference 2006, Philadelphia
Most presentations
Feb 2006 SAG's EntireX Discussion Forum
See also Discussion Forum Overview
Feb 2006 Performance Tools
Are any good performance monitoring tools out there for EntireX Broker running on Z/OS?
Jun 2004 JMS message from Natural?
Can EntireX be configured to send a JMS message from Natural?
Jun 2004 Reply Buffer Size
Where can I define the reply buffer size?
Jun 2004 Using Websphere MQ Adapter under Broker Services
I'm having trouble getting it to work!