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RPC Server - Troubleshooting - Time Outs

Last update: 21 September 2008


In a constellation .NET / Net-work / EntireX Broker / EntireX RPC Server, some of the RPC Servers on the mainframe terminate with the following message. What could cause the problem?

### TERMINATE MESSAGE                                                          
 M  *** RC 3  from listen request. Server terminates                            
 02150254 NET: Connection error subcode 30C00003                                
NAT9995 Natural session terminated normally.

The Broker also displays the user-gone message.

05:16:12  XCO0053W 00212 MPM36-OK, USER GONE.                             
05:16:16  XCO0053W 00212 MPM36-OK, USER GONE.                             
05:17:59  XCO0053W 00212 MPM36-OK, USER GONE.                             

The Broker is up and running because a 'ping' using another RPC Server was successful.


02150254: DB215 received RC254. This is similar as the Adabas response code 254 (CT parameter)

Check the following:

  • Broker and Server should run in the same service class (same priority), see Work Load Manager (WLM). If not, the RPC Server can be swapped out and the Broker loses connection. It is also a good idea to give the Broker and Server the same priority as the TP Monitor.

  • Broker and Server should have the same time-out window (TIME). A parameter value of 120 seconds should be sufficient. The EntireX Broker call must be received by the caller within this time limit.

  • Entire Network can also cause the problem.

  • SAG believes that it can be v7.2.1 problem; not seen in v7.3 or v8.0

See also http://tech.forums.softwareag.com, where this issue was discussed.

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