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Last update: 18 June 2007

A collection of some interesting SAG-L discussions and own experiences
Date Description -- click on the date to view
June 2007 International User Group Conferences -- June 11-15, 2007 -- ZDF Mainz, Germany
Very Large Database Management SIG Conference
Crossvision User Group Conference
Very Large Natural SIG Conference
EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference
Oct 2006 Natural Conference 2006, Philadelphia
Most presentations
Nov 2005 Natural Com-plete Dump
How to determine the Natural object and line number that caused an abend by looking at a Com-plete dump (COM63 NAT41)?
Sep 2004 COM641 With New Parameter USERID-EXPIRE
This new parameter is missing in the Release Notes.
Apr 2005 Problem With Motorola Paging Under NAT413 And COM631
It seems that COM631/NAT413 enlarges the header of the text message. Still under investigation.